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Foresight Biosciences

At Foresight Biosciences our goal is to innovate the advancement of glycobiology research and protein therapeutics. Our specific aim is to develop solutions in protein-based drug development that address issues associated with the production of therapeutic proteins derived from non-human cells. With these goals in mind, Foresight is developing technologies to facilitate protein posttranslational modification, glycoconjugation and glycan analysis. These approaches currently include the development of enzymes and assay for glycoprotein terminal fingerprint analysis and kits for repairing and modifying protein glycosylation. Our aspiration is the utilization of this technology to advance our own in-house research efforts and our own therapeutic development.


  • Structural biology modeling & X-ray crystallography 

  • Protein expression, purification, lyophilization, storage & crystallization 

  • Antibody mimetic production 

  • Enzyme assays, kinetics, & thermodynamic stability 

  • Adherent cell cultures & mRNA microarray methods 

  • Glycoconjugation, both natural & synthetic 

  • Medicinal, polymer, semi-synthetic natural product chemistries 

  • Biochemical characterization: SDS-PAGE, HPLC, ELISA, MS, NMR 

  • Detection assays: Both ELISA and ELLA 

  • Drug discovery & delivery method development & support

Contract Services


Protein Production

Foresight Biosciences has the expertise and facilities to express, while also optimizing the yield, of proteins in a variety of recombinant systems. We have the capacity for protein purification using standard chromatographic methods and can quantify the results. We specialize in hard to express proteins, e.g. those containing post-translational modifications, multiple disulfide bonds, or that may require refolding. Additional capabilities include structural characterization using NMR and/or x-ray crystallography.

Foresight Biosciences has the capability to produce proteins at scale up to 30 L. In addition to large scale expression optimization, our expertise, equipment, and knowledge of standard operating procedures allows for efficient production and purification with the ultimate goal of tech transfer to third party manufacturers.

Process Development


Protein Conjugation

Foresight Biosciences has additional experience in both chemical and enzymatic attachment  of polymers to proteins with the primary objectives of improving physicochemical properties,

enabling tissue targeting, and enhancing pharmaceutical profiles.


Assay Development

Foresight Biosciences has the ability to develop custom assay methods and technologies for spectroscopic and tissue culture platforms. Assay examples include: enzyme-coupled, colorimetric substrates, reactive oxygen species (ROS), and cell proliferation.

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