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Foresight Space & Defense

Foresight Space & Defense, has applications, products, and future technologies in the area of biotech, intelligence, and defense. We are also suited to address the many challenges associated with domestic and global defense including international travel such as airliners, cargo container ships, cruise lines, and railways, etc. Foresight is founded and led by a team of scientists and US veterans offering fast, reliable, immediately productive, and experienced resources from multiple disciplines to reduce risk mitigation and ensure customer satisfaction. Foresight remains ever engaged in contributing to our country with the ever-changing landscape and battle space of special operations forces and its many elements assisting in broad developments with an emphasis in biological and chemical technologies. We also have access to partners within the industrial military complex and private defense industries expanding into space and battlefield defense management including highly sensitive research and development which is ladened with subject matter experts within the Foresight organization.


  • Chemical and Biological Defense

    • Chemical detection Technologies

    • Biological threat detection & remediation

  • Environmental surveillance threat mitigation

  • Counterterrorism Research & Development Support

  • Deployables for Medical Applications, CSH & FST support

  • Advanced emergency life-sustaining equipment

  • Biological & chemical-based sentinal technologies for special operations support​

  • Material science for remote sensing & data acquisition

  • Health & vitals proactive monitoring and wearable devices

  • Supply chain disruption, corporate espionage, logistics management, catastrophic failure remediation

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