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Foresight Chemistry

Foresight Chemistry is pioneering applications of naturally occurring glycan biopolymers for biomedical research, agriculture, and biodefense. Our goal is to provide innovative glycoscience solutions to support global biotechnology and pharmaceutical R & D. Glycosciences represent a new frontier of discovery. Our expertise and competitive advantage lies in the ability to harness naturally occurring glycoconjugates and glycolipids, which are often byproducts of existing large scale industrial processes, to enable technologies in cell-cell communication, targeted therapeutics, molecular recognition, and the holy grail of oral protein drug delivery.


  • Medicinal, polymer, eptide, semi-synthetic natural product chemistries

  • Glycoconjugation, both natural & synthetic

  • Polymer drug conjugate synthesis for enhanced PK

  • Molecular recognition

  • Custom affinity resins

  • Pilot scale process development support

  • Biochemical characterization: SOS-PAGE, HPLC, MS, NMR, ELISA

  • Drug discovery & delivery method development / support

  • Enzyme inhibitors and substrate analogs

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